Monday, September 8, 2014

Respiratory Virus Preparedness - Essential Oil Style!

If you're on social media at all, you've probably seen the headlines about the Unidentified Respiratory Virus that is likely to make it's way across the country {article from ABC news here}, especially bad for children and those with asthma or compromised immune systems. Since I have both small children and trouble with asthma from time to time, it for sure caught my attention!

People, especially those with small children, are going to want to be prepared. Prepared to help your body stay healthy and free of the virus but also prepared to help your body fight it if you would get it!

If I had read the article about the respiratory virus a year ago I would have wondered if I had anything on hand that would really help us if we would get this virus and brushed it off to just wait and see. Now? This time I'm prepared with my oily arsenal from Young Living

In this picture are all of the Young Living Essential Oils I have that can help with the body's immune system {fighting off the bad bug!} and respiratory health {sinuses, lungs, coughing, congestion}. Of course these are just a portion of the oils available to you from Young Living.

Many of the pictured oils are in either the Premium Starter Kit (which comes with the fabulous diffuser you see and that we love!!) and the Golden Touch Kit. The essential oils in these kits are amazing and I feel prepared for any yuckies that come our way this winter.

I'm not one to freak out about "what-ifs," but especially with children I want to be prepared. Below is how you, too, can be prepared for the winter-time yuckies - even if it's not specifically this "unidentified respiratory virus" that is going around.

To order your own Young Living Essential Oils simply follow this link to sign up as a wholesale member (24% off all products!): Sign Up Here.  Select the Premium Starter Kit (which includes several of the oils I mentioned above) and fill out the rest of the information.

{The "limited time offer" for this kit with the Di-Gize and Sacred Frankincense is truly limited time. You want to get this kit while you can because these two oils are fabulous!!}

If you would also like to purchase the Golden Touch Kit 1, you would simply add it to your order when you reach that page of the process.

The two oils that I have in the first picture that are not in either kit are the Breathe Again Roll-On and Eucalyptus radiata. You can also add those to your order if you would like. 

We've been using our oils on an as-needed basis but tonight we started our daily "winter" regimen, starting with Thieves applied to our feet before bed. I have Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier in my purse for when we are out and about (I can only imagine the germs on the car carts at the grocery store...), Thieves Foaming Handsoap for our bathrooms, and we will be diffusing essential oils daily when we are home.

If you have any questions you are welcome to get in touch with me through a comment on this blog post or send me an email with the Contact Me button on the right side of my blog. 

Happy oiling for health!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A {Doll} House!!

A few weeks ago the mail-lady delivered a very big, very mysterious package!! (Susannah now thinks that the mail-lady brings us surprises!!) I had not ordered anything and was not expecting anything so I was a little puzzled. I did some thinking and putting two-and-two together (the address, the handwriting, etc.) and had a good idea of what the packaged contained.

Reading the letter from Miss Wendy

A phone call to my sister confirmed my suspicion. Her sister-in-law had built a doll-house and sent it to our girls!! The rest of that week was full with happenings and Daniel was busy so we waited until Sunday afternoon to open the Big Box.

Susannah and Sylvia were very excited to see that it was a doll-house and they were eager to help pull off the packing paper and find all the goodies carefully packed inside the house.

Wendy built doll-houses for her nieces (Sally's girls) and Susannah and Sylvia recently had enjoyed playing with their houses while they were visiting Sally's family in July. Little did they or I know a doll-house had been in the making for them since January!!

They love the house and spent many hours each day playing with it for the first several days. They have since moved on to other toys, but the house is still here and I know they will enjoy it again when they get tired of the "regular" toys.

I love the house!! I think it would be a fun house to live in if I were a tiny person. :) The details are so intricate, down to TEENY-TINY, framed photographs of our girls and a larger one (maybe 1.5" inches tall?) of our family hanging in the living room. So many details that personalize the house to the girls, our family and lifestyle (a rooster wall-hanging in the kitchen, a cat, ladybugs on one of the bedroom walls...).

A big, BIG "thank you!!!" to Miss Wendy for the love, time and detail put into making this beautiful house for the girls!! This is a treasure they will have for the rest of their lives.

Friday, August 15, 2014


In the 10.5 years that I have lived here, I don't ever remember having such a cool summer.  We had the air conditioning turned off for an entire week in JULY. I turned it off yesterday and opened the windows and it's still off. I don't know if the official temperature has hit 100° this summer (I suspect it has on a few days).  Usually summers are so hot and muggy that I dread going outside.

God has been giving us a wonderful gift of lovely, lovely summertime weather this year. Oh, I know it could still get super hot since sometimes our "summer" lasts through October, but I am thoroughly enjoying this mild summer!

I guess Daniel and I must comment to each other about what a "nice day" it's been weather-wise, and apparently little ears pick up on that. :)  Yesterday several minutes after one of us said how nice the day was, Sylvia said "It's a GOOOOOOOD day." It was a lovely day. After lunch I strapped on Charity (I think with baby #3 I have finally gotten the hang of baby-wearing!) and we went to visit the chickens. After we gathered the eggs the girls frolicked in the yard, running up and down the hill several times.

While it was Sylvia's turn in the swing, Susannah went over to the tree, sat down and said, "I'm going to sit and talk to God for a bit." Then she told me what all she was going to talk to Him about. I don't remember what all, but it was appropriate 4-year-old conversation topics. :)

Sylvia wanted to swing for a while so I was pushing her "up to the sky" as we call it. After a bit she called out, "Mama! I see the great, big sky!!"  I turned around and indeed, it was a lovely view of the sky. 

I love where we live. I do miss the mountain views that I grew up with, but these little 2.5 acres are pretty nice. :)  It's usually quiet. Dark at night so we can see the stars. A rooster crows in the mornings, and afternoons. :) Country enough that we can walk down the road and watch the combines in the field, or hear the hay-haulers driving back and forth on the road. Some evenings if the windows are open and the air is still I can hear cows lowing somewhere nearby.

I am so thankful for these GOOOOD days that we are given. Not only in terms of the weather, but the time given to me with our girls.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: I "Must-ache" You a Question

Mustaches courtesy of a Vacation Bible School prize that Sylvia won. :)